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Online shops based on standard infrastructure

The barrier of opening an internet shop today is as low as never before. With standardized components QueryTec can bring your products online in less than a week providing you with the possibility to maintain your offered products and services by yourself.

Seamless integration of your shop into mighty internet shopping malls like Rakuten gets your products listed for a broad community of customers. Usage of standardized payment interfaces enables you to accept all major credit cards and get guaranteed payments to eliminate your risk of payment loss.

QueryTec can as well support you in having your shop certified by Trusted Shops or our partner TÜV Austria.

A quick summary of the advantages and benefits you gain from online shops:


• Online shop opens 24/7 for your customers
• Almost no operational expenses for your virtual branch
• High degree of process quality
• Acceptance of almost any means of payment (VISA, Mastercard, bank transfer, paysafecard, electronic voucher, etc.)
• Safer pay protection for both customer and seller
• Easy integration into your existing online presence
No technical skills required to maintain your products online

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