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Software Testing by method

The methodical quality assurance becomes more and more important in common software development projects. About 30% of the total effort should be reserved for quality management according to ISTQB recommendations, but reality often looks quite different: Even in large software development projects the developers only pick random functions for testing, mostly even testing functions they had been developed by themselves. Therefore an objective impression of the real quality state can not be evaluated.


QueryTec uses the worldwide approved standard of ISTQB with certified experts to define step by step what you need to reach your quality goals. A corporate-wide Test Policy, a project-specific Test Concept or specific Test Cases for a given IT system or single component.


All tests that have to be performed are subdivided into Test Levels, starting at Developer Test via System Test and Integration Test to the final Acceptance Test.


During these tests not only the accuracy of the functionality can be verified, but according to ISO 9126 also the following quality characteristics:


• Reliability (Maturity, fault tolerance, recoverability, reliability compliance)
• Usability (Understandability, learnability, operability, attractiveness, usability compliance)
• Efficiency (Time behaviour, ressource utilization, efficiency compliance)
• Maintainability (Analyzability, changeability, stability, testability, maintainability compliance)
• Portability
(Adaptability, installability, co-existence, replaceability, portability compliance) und
• Functionality (Suitability, accuracy, interoperability, security, functionality compliance)


QueryTec keeps the total effort at the desired level using its economic software test approach. Together with our customers we define the amount of ressources available for each project or single test object as well as the test goals based on the initial business requirements. Testing non-objectives will be defined deliberately so the optimal proceeding can be chosen.


For the actual test case execution the documented test cases will be clustered into test runs and executed by our experts either on-site at your location or off-site out of a distributed test lab. Every deviation from the specified result will be kept in a central defect management database and reproducible documented for later bug fixing.


The current condition of the IT system as well as its variation over time can be assessed with key performance indicators. As soon as the IT system has been rolled out and made available QueryTec can assist you with IT-monitoring to survey the system's quality 24/7.



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